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What is Marine Surveying ?

Marine surveying is a generic term.  As commonly used, it covers a very wide range or work carried out in which the survey of ships, small commercial and pleasure craft, cargoes, marine structures.

Generally, a marine surveyors work may involve almost anything directly concerned with the condition and operation or objects that float.

Marine Surveying falls into the following principle categories:

Commercial ships - Hull surveying

Commercial ships - Machinery surveying

Yacht and Small Craft Surveying (both hull and machinery)

Cargo Surveying

Harbour Structure Surveying

What is a Marine Surveyor ?

Marine surveying is largely about applying knowledge and experience gained in a primary discipline to one or more objects associated with the maritime field and primarily floating objects, or good which have been carried in them. 

The Role of a Marine Surveyor

The role of a marine surveyor is to carry out an inspection/survey and to issue a report to a client.  The report is our product.   The job of a surveyor is split between time spent conducting an inspection and time spent producing a report.

Surveyor or Consultant ?

You will often hear both terms being used in the industry there are however differences between a surveyor and a consultant.  A surveyor role is to carry out and inspection/survey and to issue a factual report to the client.  A consultant may do the same but will offer advice, opinion or calculations based on prior knowledge.  

The surveyor is the eyes and the ears of you the client, and our duty is to convey a true picture of what we found during a survey. 

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